Chuckanut Grind

Next up is the Chuckanut Grind on Sunday, April 9th. This will be a grinduro-style event (a scattered group ride with checkpoints) featuring some awesome gravel, pavement, and singletrack sections. Ride begins with coffee at Fairhaven Park at 8:30am and ends in the afternoon at Stones Throw Brewing. As with all of our group rides, space is limited - register now!

Route Description-
Chuckanut Grind is continuing the tradition of Cascade Cross's Spring Smash. We'll be exploring the southern Chuckanuts. The high points of the day include the Samish Overlook on Blanchard Mountain and Alger Alp. The ride will be around 50 miles and include 4,000 feet of climbing. We will traveling over a variety of surfaces, so don't be grumpy when there is mud and slippery roots.

What Bike-
After the Electric Grind, there have been discussions of what is the best bike for these grinduro-style events. Riders came equipped with cyclocross, monster-cross, cross country, road, all-road, off-road touring, gravel, adventure, and randonnuering bikes. Braking styles also varied, although disc brakes were prevalent. There were slicks, file tread, and knobby tires setup with tubes and tubeless ranging from 32 millimeters to 2.5 inches. Suspension was present in the form of forks, seatposts, and even stems. We do not have the authority to recommend a particular setup and we probably would never get around to putting on these rides if we had to come up with a Grind Corps® Endorsed Bike. That is part of what makes bikes so great. You get to switch out components and modify the intended purposes in order to get your bike. So join us, learn from your community, and figure out what works for you. (That said, widen your gear range because we are going to continue climbing mountains.)