First of all, we'd like to say *THANK YOU* to everyone who has participated in our events so far this season. We've had a great time hosting our group rides, and hopefully you've had a fun time riding along with us. We'd also like to apologize for any frustrations folks have experienced, whether with group dynamics, route uncertainty, or unpredictable conditions, as well as for not getting updates out as soon or as often as we'd like.

Our series is in its infancy, and we're learning as we go. We're just three dudes with hectic lives and limited free time, and these rides take a lot of work and planning. Group rides are of particular challenge, since we're trying to make our events safe, fun, and inclusive of riders of all skill levels. Worth noting here is that we're done with our big group rides for the season.

Our next three events will be fondo format, which means self-paced, supported rides with mapped and marked routes, cue sheets, mechanical support, and a sag wagon. The routes will be longer, but less crazy and more rideable - lots of beautiful paved and gravel roads, no singletrack, and no snow!

Speaking of snow... Thanks to all of you who've been checking this page for details on our upcoming event, the Cascade Fondo, which has been scheduled for May 21st. We had hoped to post an update about this event sooner, but we've been routinely scouting the route for the past month, and it still has several miles of snow, and we don't want to put you through that. It'll be a better ride later in the season, so *WE'VE DECIDED TO POSTPONE THE CASCADE FONDO UNTIL JULY 2ND* by swapping dates with the Whatcom Fondo.

Instead, *WE WILL BE HOSTING THE WHATCOM FONDO ON MAY 21ST* - we're talking 55 beautiful miles of gravel and paved roads, with 7,000 feet of elevation gained grinding up and over Stewart, Anderson, and North Lookout mountains. The route is in excellent shape and the ride promises to be spectacular. Expect updates to our event pages and a registration link tomorrow. Tell all your friends!