Mountain Fondo

Next up is the Mountain Fondo. We'll be meeting for coffee at Haller Park at 8:00 AM and rolling out at 8:30 AM. The ride starts in the heart of the Stillaguamish Valley, at the confluence of the north and south forks of the Stillaguamish River in Arlington. The route follows the north fork to its tributaries before taking a dramatic cut through the North Cascades on the Mountain Loop Highway (a National Forest Service Scenic Byway), to the tributaries of the south fork, and then follows the south fork back to the confluence. We'll have a beer and meal waiting for you at an after-party at The Mirkwood Public House.

Route Description

The route is 96 miles with 4300 feet of elevation gained. The grade stays mostly within +/-5%, with < 10% max. Compared to our earlier rides, this one is longer, but with more gradual and rolling climbing. Also worth noting is that the second half of the route gradually descends for 45 miles, including 25 miles of almost constant descending on the paved section of the Mountain Loop Highway into Granite Falls - I don’t hesitate to say that it’s one of the best paved descents I’ve ever experienced.

Let's be honest - this is a roadie’s ride, and those of you who felt snubbed on some of our earlier rides will have your vengeance. With that being said, the heart of the experience is 15 miles of gentle climbing on the most beautiful gravel you’ll find anywhere, surrounded by mountains, waterfalls, exposed rocks, and creeks.

This ride will be fondo format - which means self-paced and supported, with a mapped and marked route, cue sheets, an aid station, and a sag wagon. You should probably just register now. Mountain Fondo!

*Note: A GPS route and cue sheet will be provided to registered riders the Friday before the ride.